Two Mala/Yoga Jewelry Businesses for Sale

Mindyana: Shopify Ecommerce Site in the Yoga Jewelry Niche w/13k Subscribers. Lots of potential for someone with capital or the right skillset. Mindyana has been open since 2015 and primarily sells Buddhist/Hindu prayer beads called malas (used for meditation), which have been quite fashionable in recent years among the wellness and yoga crowd in the West. 

Site has proven performance, so lots of opportunity for someone with strong marketing skills or who can put together a good team. The biggest asset is the email list: 13k subscribers, plus 15k who have unsubscribed but who could still be targeted using Facebook Ads or other remarketing. Sale includes up to 6 hours of orientation calls with one of the owners within 30 days after the sale.

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Kama Mala: Fire sale on a two-year-old Shopify site with all the basics: branding done, products sourced, website created. This is a great deal for someone who wants to get started in the trending yoga jewelry niche. This site has different positioning and branding. It has a smaller customer base, but appeals to different customers and has higher-priced products. Owning this second website has given us a deeper understanding of the industry, and again, we believe it has potential in the right hands.

For this one bidding starts at only $200. Auction ends June 12, 2019. Whoever buys this site is getting a heck of a deal. MONTHS have been invested in the product sourcing, development, writing of descriptions, photos, etc. You have a lot of good assets and a good base to start with. So you are ready to hit the ground running.

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