Just Love Rose Quartz Necklace

What can genuinely make a person happy?

Is it the amount of money that the person has or is it the success that the person achieves?  It's no other than but love.

Love is free, it is something that you can freely give to others and to yourself but it doesn't mean that you should expect the same amount of love in return.

Rose Quartz will remind you that before loving others, you need to love yourself first and as soon as you learn the true meaning of self-worth, then you can freely give love to others without expecting the same love in return. This also applies in accepting love, it will allow you to be open in receiving love from others without any fear.

Feel the loving energy that this alluring Just Love Rose Quartz Necklacechannels and use its power to bring love and happiness in your life.

Size:Inner chain 32 cm
Outer chain 39 cm
Pendant size: 30-45 mm